Building on the strategic minds in your organization

What we teach

No theory. We teach you how to do this.

There's a lot of jargon out there.

Strategy is lot more than sentences full of multi-syllable words. Unfortunately, buzzwords won't go away. But that doesn't mean you have to use them to think more deeply about your clients' business. 

Our philosophy

We operate under some basic principles that are easy to stick to: 

Every business has customers, and every great business knows its very best customers.

Relevance creates time. Knowing what people want at the right time means everything.

Getting to the truth doesn't have to take six months or six million dollars. 

Tools are not a strategy. Data is not a strategy. Programmatic is not a strategy.

Frankly, we find a lot of strategy difficult to understand. And we don't think that's accidental. That is why we developed a curriculum that can be described as 'no BS.' There's a lot of new thinking out there that we find very useful and worth teaching. But there are also a lot of techniques that have existed since Don Draper moved out west that are still viable in their own right.

Instil was founded when we began seeking training for our own team. A long search confirmed, there is no comprehensive resource that made sense for small agencies or internal departments. We consulted with strategists, planners and thinkers to identify the key topics and "wrote the textbook" for ourselves. Now we want to share it with you.


Our curriculum combines short lessons with interactive modules to make the learning stick. Our goal is to train you to do the work, not to tell you how we do it. The curriculum:

Marketing basics for strategy
How decisions get made - Behavioral Economics
3 Phases of Strategy:
  Competitive Research
Consumer Journey
Behaviors / Habits
  Brand Involvement   
Role of Media
Creative Brief

Making the theoretical practical

We test everything and incorporate the best into our curriculum. Even better, we work with your team to customize the training just for your team. We'll even do a hands-on training with your team using our tools to develop strategic work for your clients - and you take all the credit. 

The very hands-on curriculum includes marketing for strategists, how decisions get made, the three phases of strategy, competitive intelligence, consumer journey mapping, building personas based on demo- and psychographics, behaviors and interests, campaign strategy and measurement, the role of media, brands today, how to write a killer creative brief and consumer research.

Want to learn more? Just contact us and ask. 




Questions? Shoot.

We're only interested in teaching what you want to know. Everything we do is customized for your specific needs. Not sure what you need? That's OK too. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll sort it out for you. 

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Note: Adam in foreground.

Note: Adam in foreground.


Adam Pierno

A strategic leader, Adam has brought his critical thinking skills to diverse clients including Delta Air Lines, Dial Corporation, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza, Trident, Mercedes-Benz, Green Mountain Coffee, Smirnoff and Verizon, where Adam was on the internal brand team. The Boston University graduate enjoys instigating positive and revenue enhancing change for clients through thought-provoking work. Outside the office, Adam enjoys relaxing with his wife and kids and claims to generate his best ideas while running.

Before the training, Adam will help your team identify its needs and help build a custom curriculum just for you. 



Advertising, 1997

Why this guy?

• Helped build thriving strategy practice at Santy
• Teaches this curriculum to his own staff and clients
• Former creative, high BS meter