Building on the strategic minds in your organization

On Strategy

What we believe


Strategy is not a secret

Global agencies and consultancies that sell high-priced strategy want it to seem difficult. Magical even. But strategy doesn't come from a black box. You don't need a secret password. Or an MBA. The basic concepts are out there. They're meant to be shared. The best strategy is simple to explain, and simple to understand. The best minds in strategy understand this. Their gift is making it simple. That's our approach to training.


INSTIL is not selling you a system

We train agencies in the basics and not-so-basics of strategy concepts. Since no two marketing problems are identical, we don't believe that any two strategic solutions will be either. For every client challenge, your team will have the toolbox from which to pull the right combination of ideas. This is how strategic problem solving works. 


Every strategy has a focus 

Our training is meant to help agency staff know how to dissect a marketing problem to understand the core problems. Is it a customer strategy? Knowing customer details is critical to crafting a solution. A business strategy requires a different focus and information. A market strategy requires a wider focus and a complete different set of data and tools.  

We train agencies in all of the methodologies, and demonstrate all the tools so they can apply the right combination for their clients. 

Point of view

"A point of view is worth 80 IQ points" - Alan Kay

Brands are looking for leadership. When they say they want strategy, we know they mean they want a strong point of view supported by facts. Training your team in strategy gives them the ability to formulate a point of view, and the skills to prove it. We make it straight forward, so it will be simple to execute.