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Why Instil?

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Why do you need training from Instil? 

A survey of marketers on the 10 strengths of the Agency of the Future found strategy as the most needed strength. In fact, almost 80% of respondents cited strategy according to Sapient. When clients feel their needs aren't met, they aren't shy about looking elsewhere. 

And why are they so quick to look? There is a tremendous gap between the strategy skills brands are seeking from agencies and how capable they believe their agencies to be. In a USA Today study, 90% of agencies say they truly understand their clients’ business. Tellingly, only 65% of clients agree.

We know your agency staffers are up to the task.

The challenge is in the lack of training opportunities focused on meaningful strategic thought. Why do we think that? Because we searched. Our search included agency organizations, consultancies, even reaching out to respected strategists at agencies and brands across the country. Their response? "Tell me when you find something." We decided to build it ourselves. 

Strategy is important if you are serious about the longevity of your agency. WeberShandwick's study on what brands feel their agencies could do better found the following five items at the top:

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Measuring effectiveness/Analytics
  3. Personalization
  4. Keeping clients abreast of developments in their markets
  5. Staying ahead of customer behavior

Each of these stills has a direct tie to strategic thinking from the agency, but specifically measurement, staying abreast of markets and customer understanding. 



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Does your agency need strategy training?

These three questions should help you decide.

ARE CLIENtS BRINGING NEW AGENCIES to the table to handle strategy or consumer behavior?

When clients seek better creative, agencies get fired.  When brands seek better strategy, their agencies get 'partners.'  Not being able to present ideas based on sound strategic principles means a strategy agency may be on the way.

Does your team regularly Anticipate changes inside and outside your clients' industries?

Brands are focused on their business. When they are blindsided by change - or by article from Digiday forwarded by the CEO - they grow concerned that they may be missing opportunities. Are you confident your staff is forward thinking?

DOES YOUR TEAM connect data points in new WAYS to find insights meaningful to your clients' business?

Information about consumers is abundant. Putting together information to tell a story that supports a big idea is less abundant. But that is critical to helping clients see your agency as a strategic resource. Without it, ideas are harder to sell, and agencies are easier to replace. 


Agencies can't invest everywhere. Even agencies with strong strategic leaders often aren't able to invest in equipping their staff with those skills. Instil is designed to give staffers from departments across the agency more strategic tools. Agencies that are ready to make a commitment to providing more strategy to their clients will benefit most.

We've built this customizable program for agencies just like yours.

Who in your organization is right for this training?

Who in your organization will most benefit from Instill training? Who is ready to be your strategic leader? Anyone who thinks about the clients' business. Account execs, media planners and creatives can all benefit from a fresh look at strategic thinking and application. 

This short quiz will help identify those that are ready to learn and lead.





Everything we do with our clients can be customized for their specific needs. Not sure what you need? That's OK too. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll sort it out for you. 

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