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Strategic Aptitude Quiz

Have what it takes?

These questions are designed to help assess your ability to take on strategy. Choose the response that most reflects your approach. 
Here we go. Ready? 3, 2, 1: 

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Choose the response that most closely applies to you
1. I ask questions about what's going on in my clients' company, industry, and wider business environment.
2. I am able to adapt approaches and shift ideas when new information suggests the need to do so.
3. I look for opportunities today that might generate valuable results tomorrow.
4. I view challenges as opportunities.
5. I question or challenge creative briefs.
6. I welcome new ideas and opinions—even if they seem strange at first.
7. I seek other people's opinions.
8. I question my own longstanding assumptions and encourage others to question theirs.
9. I want to understand the reasons why things are happening in business or the world.
10. I seek to understand the forces influencing my client’s performance.
11. I know who my clients’ customers are and what they value.
12. I want to know who my clients’ competitors are and what makes us different from them.
13. I see patterns across unrelated events and information.
14. I stay up to date on important trends affecting my clients’ industry and my company’s operations.
15. I objectively analyze situations to find the best outcome.
16. I evaluate the pros, cons, and implications of different courses of action.
17. I grasp abstract ideas and put the "pieces" together to form a coherent picture.
18. I generate a wide variety of options, visualize new possibilities, and formulate fresh approaches.