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Convince Your Boss

OK, here's why: Your clients send strategy work to competitors.


A day out of the office is not an easy thing to make time for. Especially for your most valuable employees. Two days? Even tougher. Here are a few reasons why the boss should make the investment in you by training with Instil.


There is an roi

What's the ROI on this training? It's exactly inverse to the clients you lose without it. We're not going to calculate an exact return. Instead, we promise your agency will be paid back with trust, confidence and client loyalty. 

Being away from your desk is no small commitment. We agree. But every minute you're at your desk after Instil training is time you'll bring value to your company and clients. You'll have a foundation in classic and cutting-edge strategic approaches.

instant application

We're not teaching theory in a vacuum. This isn't dry college material. We decode the jargon, and let you behind the curtain so you'll leave the session able to get to work as soon as you're back at work. We won't waste time on useless ideas. Instead, we focus on what you tell us you want to learn.

Everything we teach gets a practical demonstration. You learn the concept, experience examples, and understand how to apply it to your next project. Or that file that's sitting on your desktop right now.  


Fully stocked

Everything you need

We cover the topics your team needs the most. You and your team help craft the curriculum. Prefer to conduct a hands-on strategy project for a real or hypothetical client? We're game. We don't schedule until we know for sure that we have the subject matter to help improve your strategy game. The truth is, you found Instil because the comprehensive training you are looking for doesn't exist anywhere else. 

For our off-site events - meals, coffee and wifi are provided so you're comfortable and keeping your expense reports low. 

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